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EMERGENCIES happen EVERY DAY and people DIE while waiting for an ambulance to get them to the hospital!

VitalRide Ambulance Membership specializes in fast, reliable ambulance dispatching!!

Not only do we ensure that an ambulance gets to you FAST—WE ALSO PAY THE AMBULANCE COST.

For less than R3.00 per day your family will be covered for private ambulance service.

Membership options

  • Choose Your Plan

  • Ambulance ServiceAmbulance Service
  • Family Included Family Included
  • Option 2

  • R600


  • Ambulance Serviceyes
  • Family Included yes
  • Option 1: R70.00 per month for the whole family. (R100.00 once off admin fee applicable per application)
  • Option 2: R600.00 yearly subscription. Save R240.00( R100.00 once off admin fee applicable per application)
  • Event Medical Services

    Medical standby for special events at affordable rates.
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  • 24/7 Ambulance Service

    24 Hour Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service
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  • First Aid and CPD

    The best quality at affordable rates
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    If you have any questions about any of our services, then feel free to contact our responsive support team.