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At Life Med we believe that nobody should die because they needed FIRST AID and didnโ€™t get it.

We aim to train as many people as possible, so they can be the difference between

a life lost, AND A LIFE SAVED.


First Aid Training

Does your company and staff comply to the labour act legislation to ensure that safety at the workplace complies with the requirements in the act? At Life Med this compliance is important to us, but more important is that we have designed our First Aid training to give you, the First Responder the confidence to respond in any medical emergency so that you may save a LIFE and not just receive a certificate. All our First aid courses are registered at the Department of Labour and we aim to provide the highest quality of training on every course. Our training instructors are qualified Medical Professionals and are all registered with the Health Professionals Council of SA. All of our first aid courses are accredited byย the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in order for medical practitioners to claim CPD points.

Level 1 First aid is the minimum training requirement to comply with the OHS act and Department of Labour requirements to ensure safety at the workplace. All levels include CPR and choking as part of the curriculum. All of our first aid certificates are valid for 3 years.

Discovery members can earn Discovery Vitality points for First Aid courses.

First Aid Level 1

Duration: 2 Days (18 hours)

First Aid Level 2

Duration: 2 Days (22 hours)

First Aid Level 3

Duration: 2 Days (20 hours)

First Aid Level 1-3 Combined

Duration: 5 Days

First Aid Level 1&2 Combined

Duration: 4 Days

First Aid Level 2&3 Combined

Duration: 4 Days


This course is designed that in terms of the General safety Regulations 3 (4) (d) of the OHS Act of 1993, companies will have the needed training in place should the use of fire equipment be needed.

Basic Fire Fighting Course

Duration: Half a Day

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  • First Aid and CPD

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  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

    Every practitioner registered at the HPCSA is enforced to ensure that they have accumulated CPD points (CEUโ€™s) to ensure that they maintain their knowledge and skill related to their profession as a BLS, ILS, ALS or MP. We offer the following CPD activities which are accredited by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (accreditation number: ECP 005/001/01/2016).

    • CPD First Aid courses (Physiotherapists, Biogenetics)
    • First Aid level 1 10 CEUs
    • First Aid level 2 10 CEUs
    • First Aid level 3 10 CEUs
    • Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider 15 CUEs_ 5 hours (accredited by the Resuscitation Council of SA)
    • CPR for everyone 7 CEUs_5 hours
    • Ethics course 10 ethics CUEs_5 hours
    • Basic Ambulance Assistance CPD refresher 13 CEUs (2 Ethics)_2 days
    • Intermediate Life Support CPD refresher 13 CEUs (2 Ethics)_2 days
    • Ethics CD activity at home 9 ethics CEUs
    • CPD workbook activity 4 CPD (2 Ethics)

    CPD Courses


    It is compulsory for all employees to be trained in universal precautions according to the new OHS regulations and this course provides the necessary education, awareness and facts to employees in the workplace on HIV aids.

    HIV AIDS Awareness

    Duration: Full Day


    Health and Safety

    This is the short, foundational course introducing the employees of Health and Safety in the workplace. Based on the act it covers many areas of Health and Safety.

    Introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace

    Duration: 1 Day