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Jul 2022
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    Medical Event Management Companies in South Africa.

    Medical Event Management Companies in South Africa have become more visible over the last few years. More and more emphasis is being placed on the effectiveness and professionalism of the medics that we see at events. The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act (Act 2 of 2010)  was implemented to ensure the safety of participants and spectators at events.

    The days when you had a person next to a rugby field with a bottle of water and a bag of ice is a thing of the past and local authorities have also implemented strict regulations to ensure that every single official that is on duty at an event, is accredited and if needed registered with the correct authority in the country (i.e. HPCSA), and that First Aiders that are on duty have the relevant and up to date Certificates obtained from accredited training institutions. The South African Buro of Standards also issued a National Standard as minimum requirements for any of the organisers of events and the different role players involved in these events.

    This document (SANS 10366 of 2012) is used by local authorities as well in regulating the events that are hosted within that municipal district. The Act (Act 2 of 2010) and the National Standard (SANS 10366 of 2012) regulates more than just the medical assistance at events, but this article will focus purely on that part of the documents.

    Any person that is a first time organiser of an event can find the whole process very intimidating and confusing. We hope to make this process a little bit easier to understand and less threatening for the public. Both these documents are availble for download from the internet and we encourage you to carefully study the documents before you attempt to register an event.

    The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act (Act 2 of 2010)

    The purpose and scope of this act is as follow:

    • To provide for measures to safeguard the physical well-being and safety of persons and property at sports, recreational, religious, cultural, exhibitional, organisational or any other event held at stadiums, venues or along a route;
    • to provide for the accountability of event role-players;
    • to provide for certain prohibitions;
    • to provide a risk categorisation for events;
    • to provide measure to deal with the health, security and safety aspects of an event;
    •  to provide for the accreditation of role – players at events;
    • to provide for suitable ticketing for the events;
    • to provide for control of access of spectators and vehicles at events;
    • to provide for the issuing of safety certificates for planned or existing stadiums and venues;
    • to provide for the appointment of inspectors and their powers of entry and inspection;
    • to provide for the deployment of security services;
    • to provide for spectator exclusion notices;
    • to provide for public liability insurance for events;
    • to provide for payment of fees;
    • to provide for offences and penalties;
    • to provide for boards of appeal;
    • And to provide for any other matters and regulations contained here-in.  

    Click here to download the act.

    South African National Standard 10366 of 2012 (SANS 10366 of 20xx)

    The purpose of this National Standard is to specify the minimum requirements, for the planning, organising and staging of events by an event organiser whether that be an individual or an orginasation. These requirements are subject to the relevant national regulations.

    These requirements deals with the different type of events as specified in ACT 2 of 2010 and deals with the various people and organisations that should be involved in the set-up and staging of events. This Standard deals with everything that you need to know before and during the event that you are planning.

    One of the documents that you will have to submit when registering your event is a Medical Management Plan. Life Med will assist all our clients with the compiling of this document. Life Med Events Medical Management has taken care of some of the biggest events ever staged in the country and we can assist you with any resource you need for your event, no matter the size of the event.

    Contact us for any quotes or bookings or any other query about events on 012 330 9414 or email

    Download SANS 10366 of 20xx



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