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    Working with traumatic situations is not out of the ordinary when you are working as a paramedic in the Emergency Medical Service industry. They are confronted daily with life or death situations and are very often not recognized for their life saving services. Therefore, Life Med has decided to give you a little insight to the life of an advanced life support paramedic.

    We interviewed Life Med ALS Paramedic- Ingo Müller.


    What is your age?

    “I am 30 years of age turning 31 on the 19th of March 2017.”


    When did you first know you wanted to become a paramedic?

    “In matric I met an AEA who gave me my first experience on an ambulance. It then inspired me to become an AEA one day. Soon after I completed my First Aid Level 1-3 training courses. Then when I matriculated I studied to become a Basic Ambulance Assistant. It was when I physically started working on the ambulances that I came across an advanced life support paramedic and I knew that I wanted to further my studies.”


    How long have you been working in the EMS Field?

     “I have been in the emergency medical services for just over 8 years.”


    What would you say is the hardest thing about being a paramedic?

     “The responsibility for patient care is very difficult. It also has a physical and mental toll on yourself and on your family.”


    What would you say is the most common accident that you had to attend to that could have been prevented?

     “Car accidents are one of the most common forms of accidents that we attend to. In my professional opinion it’s either caused by texting and driving or driving under the influence that causes these accidents.”


    What characteristics would you say you would need to be an advanced paramedic?

     “Be responsible.” “To find out more about the profession before studying”. “Understand that it takes a lot on yourself and your family to work as a paramedic.” “Hardworking”.


    What advice would you give to the community regarding their health care?

     “Always know and save a medical emergency number, it can save your life!” “If you suffer from any illness notify your family of your condition and drink your medication as prescribed by your professional health care provider.”


    How would you say paramedics are being treated by the community?

    “ALS paramedic are generally treated with a lot of respect when we work with patients in other cases they mistake us for just being ambulance drivers.”


    What is your dreams and aspirations?

     “I hope to one day to be able to work as a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service paramedic.”


    We definitely need to praise all medics in the Emergency Medical Service industry for their dedication to saving lives. Emergencies happen every day. Make sure that you know who to call to help save your life.


    Save Life Med Ambulance Service number now under “A” for Ambulance 0861 086 911.


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